HELP with USC Interviews please!

I am a UNLV freshman wanting to tranfser to USC. I am scheduled for two interviews on Nov 18. One with a college of sciences rep and one from the admissions office rep. Could anyone please tell me what kind of questions i can expect to be asked. I feel these interviews are imperative for my application since my credentials are not TOP notch, hence I need these interviews to go well. Any feedback from USC interviewees would be GREATLY GREATLY appreciated.

Also, as far as rec’s, could i use my high school teachers to write recs for me beacuse i dont know my professors well enough yet.


<p>Anyone????????????? please............</p>

<p>I would love to help, but I never interviewed before getting in here. So basically I would be of no help whatsoever, but I hope someone here can help you! Good luck!</p>