Help with USF Honors BSMD Decision

Background: I’m a strong high school student, looking to stay in-state, and I’m looking for 2 main things in a college: Strong Neuroscience Program + Opportunities for Research in the field, as well a strong chance of acceptance into med school, hopefully a good one (fingers crossed). I have a 1530 SAT, 4.14 GPA unweighted, and a 5.61 GPA weighted. I’ve also done a ton of extracurriculars like math competition, HOSA, history bowl, scientific research, etc.

Problem: I’m between the Wilkes Honors College @ FAU and the USF Honors Program w/ BSMD @ USF St. Petersburg.

From what my first impressions are, I’m fairly certain that the overall neuroscience program at Wilkes is better? Just from the presence of Max Planck, Scripps, and that new building they are constructing, but also just because of how so many people go there for psych/neuro. At the same time, however, USF BSMD seems to be an fairly-difficult, yet not nearly-impossible, entry into a T50 med school.

Can anyone give some more info on how hard the BSMD at USF is hard to get into, how rigorous it is to maintain, and if the med school is overall worth your efforts or has supplemented you nicely? At the same time, I’d like to know if there are any Neuro minors at USF Honors who did the BSMD program, although I am not too sure if you even can minor in Neuro or if USF honors has one.

At the end of the day, I’d like your guys’ opinion on how I should move forward in order to satiate my interests. Im 50/50 importance into having a strong Neuro undergrad, both opportunities wise and research wise, as well as being able to attend a good med school. Do you think that USF is good enough to justify a gap in neuro capability, or maybe USF is as good for Neuro and I’m unaware?

At the same time, I’m not toooo fond of being locked into one med school via the BSMD program, although I acknowledge your acceptance is conditional based upon your grades and etc. Is the MD at USF good enough, or could I do better at Wilkes? Although I understand that dwells a little bit into knowing more about both schools, I’m hoping someone can give me a good answer.

Thank you and I appreciate all possible help.

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I hope you chose the school at which you believe you will thrive…

I work with a guy whose daughter ended up getting a large (and mostly unexpected) scholarship to the University of Miami. She wants to go to Med School, and was going to attend the FAU Honors College before getting a great deal for UM. They did a lot of research as a family, and were very excited about FAU’s Honors College.

Just curious, with your SAT and GPA, who no interest in UF’s Honors College?