Help with Why Us essay

Good morning,

I’m working an an essay for the UNE PA program. I had one last year that got me an interview and helped get me on the wait list but I can’t find it so I have to start again.

I’ve done all the research and picked out points, but I want to make this different than the previous one.

I really wanted to start off with linking a few Army Values to their mission statement, but I’m not sure how I want to go about it.

I wanted to start off with some combination of duty, integrity, respect, personal courage, and selfless service.

I think discussing some thoughts will help get the creative juices flowing.

Those all sound like some very good talking points. You need to link it to healthcare. Add in something about working as a team - army is great for that - because PAs most definitely need to be team players, in assisting physicians and working with nurses and all the other members of the medical team.

I’m sorry, I realized I didn’t add the prompt. It is: “Why our school.” And I only have 1250 Characters. Very concise.

You have to make it specific to their school/program: look at their website and see what they highlight for the program and/or values. Just a quick look I see team based and collaborative…you could note similarities with the Army. You might also mention research opportunities (cite specific one and/or prof if you have room). 1250 characters is concise!

On top of those, i wanted to mention their inter-professional education, the alumna that I shadowed, their supportive community.

I pulled a lot of information. I’m just trying to write a different essay than I did. I might cannibalize a segment on diversity I already wrote to satisfy diversity inclusion and connection. I will have to trim it down.

I’m going to stay way from pance rate. I don’t feel it would be constructive. They know their pance rates.

I also don’t want to say “as a soldier/veteran i find x value appealing”.

A lot of this is spitting back their websites in a creative way and linking it to myself. The challenge is doing it in 1250 characters.

They aren’t looking for poetry. Get straight into it. Use the shortest words possible. Why do you need to be there? Tell them.

Essentially, I like their school because of their focus on inter-professional education. Beyond that, I shadowed one of their alums, they are in New England. Their schools values the same things the military does. But these are mostly talking points.

I don’t know why this one is tripping me up so much.

Say those things. Elaborate a little. Use short words. You can do it.

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Don’t know it! I’m just struggling with how to start it. Once I get an intro going the rest will flow.

Because you are stuck…maybe write the body first, and the intro will become apparent.

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