Help With Writing

I am concerned that I am falling behind in terms of writing ability. Next year, I’m going to be a Junior in high school and I was planning on taking Honors English and AP United States History in addition to a few other AP’s, but my performance in English and World Humanities caused my teachers
to place me in lower level classes for English and U.S. History for next year.
I need advice as to how I’m supposed to improve my writing from B+ level to A+ over the summer. I really need to improve if I want to take those two classes next.

Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Write more and have people look at it.

Follow formats exactly, look up essay formats and try them. Structure is important. Try different kinds of essays, short stories, poetry. Include variety. Write about your summer experiences as they happen. And then do what wcao said^

Read a lot; and when I say read, I don’t just mean skim over the text–look at the author’s usage of language.

Sentence diagramming, while annoying, is also extremely helpful.

Note that good writing isn’t just about good grammar–it’s about making your writing interesting and conveying a point. Speak to the audience.

And absolutely get your work reviewed by your peers and those around you; it’s very, very helpful. Even the best writer can benefit from constructive criticism.