HELP... Yearbook or AP Psych

Hi! I need some help. Should i take Yearbook or AP Psychology. At my school, you need to be recommended for yearbook, and we have a really good natl award winning yearbook. But AP psych is a college course and i am concerned that colleges will be looking down at yearbook. I am planning to apply pre-med and to bs/md/do programs. For some context here’s the rest of my courses:

AP Chemistry, AP Government, DE English 12, Yearbook/AP Psych, AP Statistics, AP Environmental Science, Senior Research


Assuming you have met the foreign language recommendation for your targeted colleges, take whichever one interests you more. You certainly do not need another AP.


If you haven’t taken calculus yet it’d be advantageous to you to switch ap stats-> ap calc. And hopefully you’ve already taken honors physics or ap physics 1.
Other than that, ap psych is a light ap that doesn’t add to rigor, especially considering you’re already taking ap chem, one of the hardest aps.
Basically, colleges won’t care, take what you like best.

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I’m already in AP BC Calculus, and need to take another math class (thus AP Stats haha). I’m also taking AP Physics C:Mech this year so I am taking AP Chem. Thanks for the help!

Ok, then you’re good :clap:

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While AP Psych is certainly more rigorous, it appears that you already check the “most rigorous” box and are into the range where an additional non-core AP really won’t move the needle.

I’d take whichever appeals to you.


If you can be Editor of the Yearbook, that’s something that a lot of colleges are really impressed by.

Since it will be my first year doing it (next year), not sure if I can get an editing position. However, the sponsor/teacher said that i’d be in a writing role (not sure if that’s a good thing or not).
since i’ll be a senior maybe i’ll get some senior role hopefully if i take :slight_smile:

There’s really no difference for adcoms so go with what you want to take. :+1:

Honestly, I think that AP Psych could be of greater use to you in your future career than yearbook. If you can handle the academic load, I’d go with the AP Psych, not because it will improve your college chances, but because you’ll learn something.

But, if you are good friends with the others doing yearbook, and you’d really enjoy working together on compiling a memory book for your class, then sure, go ahead. Neither one is going to make the difference in college admissions for you - as mentioned, you already have plenty of rigor.

Another thing to consider is would Medical Schools accept AP credit for Psychology?

You are doing well…I would take the one you think you would enjoy.