<p>So I'm kinda in a mess right now.
I'm at Pcc 1st yr just finished my First semester :)
I can't take the next level math which would lead me to MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS 1 or 7a.
I just finished intermediate algebra. I think my school just added geometry now as a
pre-requisite in order to take that MATH 7A that will lead me into Calculus. Okay so i failed geometry in High school so i can't get it cleared( Main reason why i went to a cc) so i need to take it this Spring semester and theirs only one class and it's full. So i was wondering is there any online math classes that i can take so i can get cleared, so that i can take Math 7a in the summer?. I did some research, these are some websites Omega</a> Math - Math Courses Completely Online
and Aleks ALEKS</a> -- Assessment and Learning, K-12, Higher Education, Automated Tutor, Math Which i did in High school so I'm better familiar with it.
If i take one of these online courses will it get me cleared for the summer?
Help! :(
Most importantly will this affect my tag</p>

<p>Try checking gcc, lacc or elac</p>