<p>I made a wrong decision by choosing to take econ and english during winter session..i got a c on my first econ test but i just failed my second one should i just drop the class and get a w or just a get a c ( its part of my pre major requirements)</p>

<p>If you have already applied to transfer for Fall 2012, you should stick out the Econ course as it's a major pre-req and withdrawing from it could drastically affect your chance of admission this year. If you intend to apply to transfer next year or the year after, there's no harm in taking a W if you're certain you'll do better another semester. The UCs have an academic forgiveness policy in which you'll not be penalized for repeated courses. Just be sure that you repeat the course as soon as you can and do not leave it for the winter/spring semester the year you intend to transfer.</p>

<p>I hope you're taking Econ with Professor Kim, or else good luck to you passing the course. But anyways, I agree with the poster above. You should stay in the class if you plan to transfer for Fall 2012. Dropping the class may jeopardize your chance getting into UC's.</p>