<p>There is not enough space on the common app activity sheet. In the section that asks for "Positions held, honors won or letters earned"...
I can not put anything there. </p>

<p>What did you guys do?</p>

<p>Like... I can list positions, but I can't explain what they mean.</p>

<p>I summarized the honors I had won and more fully explained them in my attached list. Also, I used two lines for one of my ec's that had a lot of positions and awards.</p>

<p>Ya I know what you mean... I could hardly fit in anything in the "positions held..." field, so I'll be sending a more comprehensive resume under "additional info". Is that what others are doing as well?</p>

<p>That is what I did. I figured you might as well, since they had a space for 'additional info'.</p>

<p>Check out one of Katherine Cohen's books from the library--it goes into the activities sheet, which she calles a "brag sheet". It gives format types, examples, etc. I used it to format mine, and it came out looking really organized.</p>

<p>i wrote "attached" in the space and typed very neatly and concisely a little list, for both the honors and the 150 word "essay"</p>

<p>Err... i don't know if that's a good idea. Because it says that you SHOULD write something there even if you intend to attach a resume.</p>

<p>I put stuff there and I'm attachign an extra sheet.</p>

<p>chidimma, read my essay.</p>

<p>Oh no... I just read the Yale FAQ (how could I have missed it?) which said that we can attach a resume, but please follow the same format as the Common App... but what if you have many achievements under a single category?</p>

<p>My tentative resume is as follows:</p>



<p>Piano - Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music (Distinction)
Violin - ABRSM Grade 5
Electone - Yamaha Grade 5
Theory of Music - ABRSM Grade 6</p>


<li>Finalist, Ettlingen International Competition for Young Pianists, under-20 category (Ettlingen, Germany; 2002)</li>
<li>Winner of First Prize and Special Prize for Best Performance of Set Malaysian Work, National Piano Festival, open category (Malaysia, 2001)</li>
<li>Finalist and Diploma winner, Vladimir Krainev International Competition for Young Pianists, under-18 category (Kharkov, Ukraine; 2000)</li>


<p>Raffles Chorale (SATB Choir of Raffles Junior College, Singapore)
- Tenor, 2003-2004
- Represented Singapore at Orlando di Lasso International Choral Festival (Italy, 2004)
- Gold Award at Singapore Youth Festival (2003). Ranked top 5 in junior college category.</p>

<p>Raffles Junior College Vocal Ensemble ('a capella' group at Raffles Junior College)
- Tenor, 2004
- Represented Singapore at Orlando di Lasso International Choral Festival, small ensemble category (Italy, 2004)
- Second Prize, Raffles Junior College 'Move & Groove' Talent Time competition (2004)</p>


<p>2004 - First Prize, Raffles Institution Boarding School Talent Time competition, solo category. Sang and played the piano simultaneously.
- Third Prize, Raffles Junior College 'Move & Groove' Talent Time competition, singing category. Sang a duet and played the piano simultaneously.
2003 - Finalist and Consolation Prize winner, Readers' Digest & Northwest Community Development Center Songwriting Competition (Singapore).
1996 - Second Prize, Yamaha National Electone Festival (Malaysia), under-18 solo category. Played own compostition. Subsequently represented Malaysia at the Yamaha Asia-Oceania Electone Festival and won a Consolation Prize.
1995 - First Prize, Yamaha National Electone Festival (Malaysia), ensemble category. Played own composition in electone trio.</p>


<li>Editor, Raffles Junior College Annual (2003-2004)</li>
<li>Food Representative and Computer Representative, Bayley Block, Raffles Institution Boarding School (2003-2004)</li>
<li>Class Representative, class 1S01B, Raffles Junior College (2003)</li>
<li>President, Choir, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Subang Utama (2002)</li>


<li>Proposed and organized first Scrabble tournament at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Subang Utama (2002).</li>


<p>4.1 Acting
- Acted in a mime titled 'Creation Dream' at the 'Sparks' Charity Concert-cum-Bazaar organized by the Singapore Ministry of Education (2004).
- Played the female lead in a class play 'Rapunzel' (1999). Won First Prize at intraschool drama competition.</p>

<p>4.2 Computer Programming
- Self-taught programmer (Pascal and Visual Basic).
- Recent Visual Basic game 'Minefield' rated 'Four Gold Disks' and 'Three Cows' (both out of five) at software portals and respectively.</p>

<p>I've represented my high school in debates and Scrabble tournaments (at the regional and national level) but we didn't win anything, so I figured I was better of highlighting just my major achievements in music (in fact some of what I put in aren't that major, eg. first prize in hostel talent time, and my "other interests" too)... what do you think? Is there anything here you think I should remove due to insignificance? Please advise, thanks.</p>

<p>I know it says to attach a resume in the same format as the Common App, but if we are applying online, how do we go about doing this? It's easy to make a table in Word and attach it to a printed copy of the application, but to make that table in the little box on the common app page? much more difficult. </p>

<p>Does it matter what format it is in if it is being submitted online?</p>

<p>Please help, thanks!</p>

<p>Haha I would like to ask that question too, cuz I did it online, and decided to keep it consise and left out alot of things that perhaps I should have added in. </p>

<p>I guess you could just space it out, to have the same format, and see how it looks under print preview.</p>

<p>Anyone knows if it's wise for me to send in a paper resume, even though I did everything else online? Kinda regret submitting so early but I couldn't stand looking at it another second =p</p>