<p>So my situation is really messed up now but I need someone who knows something about repeating classes. I took physics at davis last spring but got a F. I then tried repeating at a community college but ended up with a D. Then because of some situations I went to a different community college for fall 2013 repeating the course and got another D. :frowning: physics is just not for me and please dont advise me on changing majors or anything. I just want to know if i still have a chance to repeat this course at the same community college that i took it for fall 2013 to get credit for it when i go back to davis next year?</p>

<p>Which physics did you take at Davis, the 1 (the one without a lab), 7, or 9 series? And you are aware that only the credits transfer and not the grade? And you will have to check with that community college and see if they still have spots open. </p>

<p>But anyway, apparently at Davis, a D is considered “passing”. I met up with my advisor at the beginning of fall quarter so she could sign an excess units petition (I transferred in with more than 80 transfer units and the number of classes that I still needed for my major sent me over the maximum units) and when she saw that I was retaking a Physics class that I had gotten a D- in (btw, got a B- the second time around woohoo), she told me that even though it looked bad, even a D- was considered a pass.</p>

<p>Ya but i think i could not move on to the next class in the series(it was 9A btw). I was just worried because I thought you could not take a class more than two or three times. in my situation its three but at different colleges. I guess I should just talk with an advisor at the community college to possibly move on or retake it. but was wondering if anyone knew if i can move on because Davis told me I just need a 3.1 to get back so I guess I could?</p>