So, I am a senior in high school have pretty good grades so far, am in all advanced courses, have never failed a course before and applied early decision to Lewis & Clark, I will most likely get in but don’t find out until the 15th. Anyways, I took an online class this year because I could not previously fit it in and it was Algebra 2. It was required that I pass the finals of both semester 1 and semester 2 in order to pass the course. Before the finals I had a B in both semesters but had not felt like I learned very much. I got a C in the class after barely passing the first final and then didn’t pass the second. I should get good grades in all of my other classes this year but now second semester I will have an F for that semester of the online class. Do you think that Lewis & Clark will rescind my acceptance if I do get accepted?

You need to contact L&C to find out. Talk to them about what alternatives there are. They may let you enter under academic probation.