Hi, I attend a very good school that is fairly difficult. I am an honors student and this is my sophomore year currently. I had a concussion that completely threw off my grades last year and this year. I recovered a couple months ago, but my grades were all over the place. I have all A’s, B’s, and C’s. Obviously this is not extremely bad, but for first quarter of this semester, I had worsened my concussion and now have two D’s for this semester. I am taking the finals this week so those could be pulled up because finals are worth 20% of our grade. I am scared for what my future might hold. I currently am a travel soccer player, have been in a couple clubs, and have done many community service hours. I have a personality so that could be appealing to some colleges. I would like to apply to Indiana University Bloomington for a computer science degree. My PSAT score was 113o & my PACT score was a 26. I want to be able to make my future as bright as possible. Please help!

Update, I now only have one D, and I still am taking that final this week. All my other semester grades average from A’s to C’s.

@nosnos You need to think about stopping soccer.

Agree. Your priority needs to be getting and staying healthy so that you can concentrate on academics.

    How did you get concussed? 

Medical concerns (concussion recovery) first. Mental health second. Everything else doesn’t even come close in importance.

When you apply to college, your guidance counselor will be able to incldue a note about your concussion and how it affected your grades.

This is difficult for me to do, I have been playing since I was 2. I am in a very high level league and I have had colleges talk to me. Not IU though, their soccer program is number one in the nation so I dont think I could get a scholarship.

This is difficult for me to do, I have been playing since I was 2. I am in a very high level league and I have had colleges talk to me. Not IU though, their soccer program is number one in the nation so I dont think I could get a scholarship.


I had a tree fall on my head, then during practice our keeper fell on top of my head. I am okay now

My counselor had said that he would do this, but I wasn’t sure how much this would help

@nosnos Not worth it. I have a junior HS soccer player who was also high level soccer. Had to stop sophomore year. It will be easier and easier for you to get a concussion. Today he got a concussion by simply hitting his head on an inclined ceiling by accident. Any time you head the ball, you tempt fate. You are not likely to be able to play as hard as they do in college without serious injury. You’re never going to make it through CS with reoccurring concussions.

My parents will be devastated, but understanding. I just would hate to dissapoint them. Academically what steps should I take?

@nosnos You need a specialist. Are you working with a concussion specialist. Do you have a baseline test? Then the specialist needs to give you academic accommodations. You should have had these all along.

Yes, I have legal documentation from my doctor that my grades should not have counted, but my teachers disregarded this. I have gone to the school many times and as you can imagine this is extremely frustrating to me.

In order to play soccer at a high level then yes you have to have a baseline test and I passed it finally two months ago and I have been playing catch-up ever since

@nosnos Your accommodations should have included a ban on test taking during the initial period and then test taking with extra time. More time to complete projects, etc.

If you get hit or head the ball and feel anything, you need to flag the coach and get off the field immediately. You cannot get hit when you are vulnerable. Was that keeper fall really hard?

What foreign language are you taking? Has it become harder to learn?

It stated that my grades for tests should have not counted, but my teachers and counselors did not communicate well and I am at the down fall for it.

I know, and our keeper is over 200 pounds and fell from about six feet off the air onto my head which was on the ground. I had gotten cleated and had fallen. I already was recovering still from the injury that happened before.

I am taking Spanish, but no Spanish is easy because many of my team mates speak Spanish as well. I have been around it for awhile and often speak it while with them. My post concussion symptoms are really just sensitivity to very bright light (causing temporary blind spots) and mental fogginess when I have been performing strenuous activities.

Do NOT practice heading the ball. What position are you?

Right or left back (not to be confused with center back), my position is used almost as a wing with a 4 back system. My team never just practices headers, so that isn’t a worry.