<p>Ok I will be graduating in 2006 and have taken the old sat twice. The first time I did decently and got 1400 650m and 750v(sophmore year). This time( october 9) I got 720v+620M(WTF) even after I had taken a summer math class to ehance my mathematical capabilites. My question to all of you is wether I should retake the old sat again( will take some practice tests and get 1450+) or should I just cut my losses and start studying for the new sat? I will probably be applying to Northwestern and UChicago. Uchicago does not accept old sat while northwestern will take old sat scores but only in conjunction with the new sat.<br>
I got a selection index of 200 on the sophmore psat without study so I assume 220+ is a reasonable estimate on how I should do on the new sat. This is basically a matter of pride, and I wanted to know if my avenging my wounded pride will hurt my admissions chances.</p>

<p>I think you should really study for the new one and concentrate on that, especially since your schools seem to prefer it.</p>