<p>I want to go to college in the NYC vicinity. I want to be an international relations major, and my ambition is to work for the United Nations, so internships to the UN are a must. Also, my SAT scores aren't the best. I recieved a 1770 on the New SAT. Help with picking a college?</p>

<p>Also, I want one that is NOT generally a communter school</p>

<p>johns hopkins is No. 1 for international relations...</p>

<p>thanks so much for the response, i've been looking into that college. anyone else have any help for mee?</p>

<p>tufts university, one of the best IR friend went there just because they have a very good IR major. Buck up the SATs, tho i'm around the range either, but to get ino JHU or Tufts u need to be aroud 2000 range to be safe, the higher the better.</p>