<p>I posted this in the college search forum as well, but think it fits here as well (plus no one over there answered...)</p>

<p>My brother is just starting to look at colleges, and he is really interested in what colleges I think he would like. The problem is, when I researched colleges for myself I found ones that are very different from the ones he would be accepted at as I have much better grades so I am really not sure. He is super intelligent, just hasn't done very well in high school motivation-wise Does anyone have any suggestions? Here is a summary of him:</p>

<p>GPA: between 2.25 and 3 (I've never really asked him for the exact)
Projected ACT around 30
Brilliant musician/actor, but no awards
Loves to read</p>

<p>I already suggested Ithaca to him as a place he might like, but i think his GPA might be low. My other idea was a books college, like Shimer or something, where the curriculum is based on the classics and students do not do the whole lecture-hall thing. Does anyone know of a books college that would accept someone with such a low GPA? Any other suggestions? He is really a smart kid, high school just really wasn't his thing.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot</p>

<p>You probably should have made your title more specific.</p>

<p>Lots of colleges accept people like him. I suggest going to a CC and then transferring though, seeing that he's a smart guy.</p>