<p>I have been invited to attend the Diversity Hosting Weekend at Cornell University from april 10-12, but i was also invited to attend Columbia Engineering Perspectives on Diversity from april 11-13.
Which one do i attend? those are my top two schools..and i dont wanna have to pick one over the other..if i dont go to the columbia program, can i go some other day in april, and will they still cover the travel expenses?</p>

<p>ahem imo....</p>


<p>Are there schedules posted for the two programs? If so, check them out and see which one looks like it would be most helpful/interesting to you. You can always visit the other school on a "regular" admitted students weekend. Not sure if Columbia would cover travel expenses if you don't do the diversity program... you can always contact them, say that you have another commitment that weekend, and see if they'd be willing to pay for you to visit another time.</p>