I am going to Villanova University in the fall as a Biology major.
Only problem is...I don't know if i still want to be a bio major! I have always dreampt of becoming a doctor or opening my own practice, but now that dream just seems far away. Is it a realistic profession for someone who is going to have to pay for medical school completely on their own? At Villanova, I am planning to minor in business or econ (They have the 12th best business school in the country right now)- would that make more sense in the long run? I know that to become a doctor, I would have to to wait at least another 8 years after college before I even start to make money. My dad works in business and he does say that I have a knack for it. Help! I don't want an answer like "follow your heart" because it's conflicting!</p>

<p>You have plenty of time to decide. No need to panic for another three or four years yet.</p>