<p>So i got accepted into usf and i absolutely love the school and sf (i'm from the LA area). The only problem is I also was also accepted into usc and ucsb, and of course my mum and dad prefer a noted school to some school they've never heard of. I'm black (nigeria to be specific) so my mum and dad feel like i must represent for the black people by going to USC (or sb) and what not and tell their nigerian pals (and work buddies) about how their kid goes to a noted school. I want to go to a small school because I feel like I'll be more than just a number, plus i have a problem with huge crowds. I just coma back from the admit day (which took a lot of begging and crying to convince my mum and dad to go to) and they don't seem as impressed as i would like. I'm majoring in psych and i would greatly apreiate any innformation anyone has about that major or usf in general tha would make it appear to be a stellar institution (in my parent's eyes). I absolutely love this school and i refuse to give up!!</p>

<p>Quick Tip: Go where you feel most comfortable. The experience of an undergraduate education is much more important then the rank of your school, and obviously you feel that you'd be much happier at USF. </p>

<p>I'm also from LA, and I'm heading to USF next year (English Major, writing emphasis). It seems to me that location, and perhaps the overall small, community feel of USF appeals to you. I felt the same way after visiting USF. I simply fell in love with the city, and ended up choosing USF over more prestigious universities.</p>

<p>As for the academia, many students will tell you the actual challange and learning experience at every college is virtually the same. The only difference is the majority of students of a higher calibur at more prestigious schools. True, going to USC may open more doors for you through connections and/or graduate school, but if you work hard anywhere and you have the talent, you will succeed. I don't know too much about the psych major at USF, but I haven't heard much about USC's either. USC is generally known for their film program, among other specific majors. The humanities classes have recently been given the stiff at USC, except for their creative writing courses. USF on the other hand, concentrates on giving an education similar to that found at a Liberal Arts College, which includes many Theology classes. I imagine this would interest you, seeing how you are heading towards Psych. Also, I'm not sure if this matters to you, but USF is recognized as one of the most diverse universities in the nation.</p>

<p>Whatever you decide, I of course wish you luck, and hopefully your parents will feel the same way. They should afterall.</p>

<p>if u were just here for the admissions thing that i must have just missed u...</p>

<p>anyway, yeah, i chose this school cos it's small and the professors know who you are.. i'm a psych major so anything u want to know about that i can help you with... the great thing about this school is that the classes are small, the profs know who you are and approachable... and they take the time to learn your names too... the largest class i've ever had here was an astronomy class with about a 100 ppl in it but that's prolly as big as it goes... the school has sort of a cosy atmosphere to it but if u're looking for a school with loads of school spirit this isn't one.. the dorms are are pretty old which kinda bugs but you get used to it... what else... hmmm... i'll answer any questions u have.. i just can't think of anything else to say.. lol</p>

<p>i've considered transferring to USC from here.. but one of my friends talked me out of it.. she goes there and she hates it.. she's a 4.0 from high school and she's failing two classes and the professors don't give a ****... it's like oh my god.... and she hates it so much she's moving to newport beach and making the one and a half hour drive to school and from school each day... the only reason she's staying in that school is because it has the best course for her major... oh well...</p>

<p>wow, thank you both for your insight. I'm sure when I have more questions (and discuss this some more with my mum and dad) I'll be sure to come back.</p>

<p>lilyemerald- I'm so sorry about your friend. Sadly I have been hearing about situations such as that from other people who attend USC. </p>

<p>I most definitely want to go to USF, I mean it's perfect: small, beautiful, in san francisco. I guess we'll see. </p>

<p>Thanks again!!</p>

<p>GO TO USC stay away from USF.....</p>

<p>why do you say that?</p>