<p>One of my daughter's is running for "Secretary" at her high school, and we need some clever campaign slogans!!</p>


<p>My oldest three all won president and/or VP offices at various schools...we used quite clever slogans, typically based on their first names. If you are comfortable pm'ing me her first name, I'll see what I can come up with. For example, my oldest daughter's name is Kendall, and we used "No one can hold a candle to Kendall!" We also tied in slogans to their interests and abilities. I have some other ideas too. I'll try to pm you later. ~b.</p>

<p>I had a good friend in HS who ran for and won the class presidency using the slogan "Don't be a Boob, vote for ------." His loyal campaign staff made his buttons, posters, etc., using cut-outs from a certain famous men's magazine. They were quickly confiscated, but kept re-appearing all over the school. He ended up at a top Ivy, and made a career in Democrat politics/journalism/activism</p>

<p>One kid whose name was Baer, distributed gummy bears and ran on the slogan "Baer with me" but lost anyway.</p>

<p>Most slogans I have seen rhyme with the name of the candidate. I've also seen "themes" tied into slogans. I recently saw a very successful theme that focused on basketball (for a girl). Think about the catchy phrases associated with basketball.....</p>

<p>IMHO.....themes and slogans can make or break an election. </p>

<p>Best of luck ot her! When is the election? Is there a limit to her spending?</p>

<p>her name is Melissa, the election is this week, and they can only spend $25, and this year they are not allowed to give out candy. BTW, her nickname at home is "Bear" (because of the hugs she gives), and at school she is called "Mel"</p>

<p>I did just think of "Your vote won't smell if you Vote for Mel!"</p>

<p>Mel is Swell</p>

<p>That works</p>