<p>i'm a junior in high school and i dont know if im taking the right classes or enough extracurricular activities to get into a UC :/ HELP </p>

<p>at the moment i only have one AP class Ap chem.. i regret not taking more ap classes my junior year b/c i see other people with so many and i only have one and my other classes are english 3, ceramics, us history, alg 2/trig, and spanish 3 </p>

<p>also i joined some clubs as a freshman but i didn't join any my sophomore year and now i'm starting to join clubs again as a junior .. do colleges want people to be in clubs consecutively year after year? now i am in CSF, Kiwins, impact, and scrabble club im not an officer in anything . The only sport i play is badminton since 9th grade. my gpa is about 3.9 is that good enough for a uC? i've gotten 2 B's in my high school career PLEASE HELP ME :X</p>

<p>My advice is to relax! Don't waste energy worrying about things you can't change - colleges do like to see kids sticking to clubs and other committments, but you can't go back to last year and change what you did.A 3.9 is wonderful. More APs as a junior would have been good,but one is probably fine. I will note that at my child's fine NE prep school, kids are NOT pushed to take tons of AP classes.
Stick with your current clubs,and keep those grades up. Put some effort into studying for the SATs, of course.
Let us know what schools you might be interested in and we will share what we know.</p>

<p>I'm sort of in the same predicament. Look at the "what are my chances board" and see what other people who are applying to UC's have accomplished. Also the UC's vary alot so it depends which one you want to go to.
As for clubs, the same thing is happening to me. And on my applications I'm just going to say I was in them all 4 years, even if I didn't officially go to them much in 10th grade.
Your SAT scores are also going to be a big factor in your admitance, have you taken the PSAT's yet, what are your scores like?
Being on the Badmitton team is good. You just want to stay commited to a few things and excel in them.</p>

<p>haha yea thanks for the advice.. well the psats i've taken them but i havent gotten the result back yet but i'll get it posted later. i'm not quite sure how to prepare for the SATS i guess i should buy one of those SAT books ? and i think i want to make it into UCI or im not sure i just want to make it into a UC iono which colleges i should go to yet but i think i want to be a pharmacist .. well thanks for replying!</p>

<p>Hey there Twinky..well its good that you're good at chemistry =). Maybe you should consider taking more AP classes and start studying for the SATs. But then could always not do anything..j/p know more than me though and you have a better GPA..laters chica!</p>