<p>I read on the Brandeis computer purchasing guide that Social Science
students usually prefer PC’s over Mac’s and I was wondering whether that applies
to Political Science as well and if so why, because I’m really not too eager to
buy a PC (G-D damn Windows Vista…)</p>


<p>I never really understood what that recommendation was based on (it was there when I entered as a freshman as well. I am a Windows user myself (Windows XP) and study AMST and journalism (although I've taken classes in a lot of other areas as well). I'd say in general it's pretty mixed and which one you have has far less to do with your subject area than what your personal preference is. One of my friends who does philosophy and sociology has a Mac, somebody else I know who does history, HSSP and legal studies recently switched from Windows to a Mac. In everyday life, it really doesn't have that much to do with your subject or major. Both are support on campus and both are available on campus, so if you ever need a program that one doesn't have, it's not a big deal to use it.</p>

<p>That's really helpful.</p>