<p>Hi guys !
I 'm currently a junior and I took the Jan SAT and i totally screwed up :(
i'm retaking it in june and is it possible for me to improve my scores up to 2200? </p>

<p>Jan SAT
CR (660)
M (660)
W (630) essay: 11 </p>

<p>usually at home when I take the practice tests from the blue book I get 2100 +
i don't know what happened to my JAN SAT :( </p>

<p>any suggestions for improvement? </p>

<p>thanks :)</p>

<p>For CR, practice A LOT OF PASSAGES.
Also, for the vocab section, I found this list of 5000 college level words online and memorized those (didn't have to learn from scratch every word, since most I knew already)...I basically aced the verbal section (nearly perfect score).
And yes, I know ppl who've improved their score at least 100 points from self-studying. But you gotta practice!
Good luck and hope my advice helps =)</p>

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