<p>So I'll be heading off to college this fall and I'm kinda nervous about the new experience.
I've always been kind of a loner. Through out my 4 years of high school I had about 4-5 friends but none were close friends and we didn't really hang out at all except during our free hour. I have a slight speech impediment so my confidence is rock bottom. I was that kid who sat in the back of the classroom and never asked questions or talked to anyone. I've never had a girlfriend or had any female friends whatsoever since the eighth grade. Because of my introvertedness (is that a word?) I have felt depressed for most of my high school years and I feel that my last hope is a new environment. So this fall when I head off to the other side of the country to attend college I'm hoping to leave my old persona behind and try to be more outgoing. However I still feel like my confidence is as low as it can get, and that my impediment will hold me back.
So basically what I'm asking for is any advice about how to meet people at college and how to raise my confidence so I can try to be more outgoing.</p>

<p>join clubs, work jobs, play sports and just get out there. That's all there is to it. I hated high school. It made me self conscious about myself and eventually, I developed trust issues that continue to screw with me today. I still don't feel comfortable going back there, so I know how you feel. College is completely different. It's a new start.</p>

<p>My advice is join clubs be involved on campus it will expand you social network and if you can, what me and roommate did was keep our door room open so anyone can pop in and say hi and maybe get a conversation going. We also walked around the floors and popped into a couple of rooms and said hi, me and my roommate were shy at the beginning but once you meet the right people you'll be able to come out of your shell and be comfortable with the people you associate with. </p>

<p>Just forget about high school and think positive and don't let your speech impediment hinder you from finding new friend. :)</p>

<p>Act confident.</p>

<p>Act the way the persona you want to adopt would act. (You can change what kind of persona you want to adopt, as long as it isn't too radical, while you're doing this. But stay in character.)</p>

<p>Eventually, your self-image will catch up with the image you are projecting to others.</p>

<p>I agree on the "being friendly" bit. it really does help. =)</p>

<p>Also agree with joining clubs or whatever school activity interests you. Even having an on-campus job with your peers can be a great way to meet people. Not to sound cliche, but if you always want to try something new (like an intramural sport or theater group), take advantage of it in college. Don't feel like you are incompetent.</p>