<p>Firstly, i am a fresh-new member here. Right now I am a 10th grader. So chancing me currently won't be of any use ( I haven't even given SAT!) but considering for my future , i want to get admissions in good colleges like Harvard, Yale, Cornell ( i really WANT to get admission in MIT)
It's actually a dream for me but for that school records MATTER ALL</p>

<p>and i am from a school which doesn't even have a proper quiz club..let alone to be a member of it!
And i have read so many of those "what are my chances?"
and with a gulp i used to think what would become of me when i will be in 12th grade!</p>

<p>Because for me , i am not involved in any of the co-curricular activities and HOW would i be?
the school doesn't provides for ANYTHING AT ALL!...and right now i cannot even change my school </p>

<p>It would screw up my studies to an extent.
What i really want to ask is - Does being a member of this-and-that club really decides someone's chances ?</p>

<p>I mean i am not a bad student at all
I have assumed chances of getting greater than 3.92 GPA in class 10</p>

<p>So, Please answer my query
What should i do?</p>

<p>If your school doesn't have clubs in your school why don't you start some? You will need extra-curriculars to even be considered into any colleges you listed. They're looking for someone innovative and who has character, not someone who just goes to school goes home studies and sleeps.</p>

<p>Most of the places you listed look for you to take advantage of all opportunities available to you. They won't hold anything against you for not having the same opportunities as someone else. That said they also want to see that when no one hands you opportunity on a platter that you go out and do your best to make opportunity for yourself. But before any of this matters you need to decide if these schools are just a dream or if they are a goal.</p>