<p>I just graduated community college with a 3.55 and 78 credits. I'm going to baruch (not for business) next. what gpa and how many credits do i need to transfer to binghamton, nyu CAS, or cornell CAS?</p>

<p>and for the sake of it columbia</p>

<p>i don't really see cornell or columbia happening. bing i think would be a yes and nyu should be okay if you write solid essays. maybe keep cornell as a reach because you never know.</p>

<p>you should also know that most schools won't take you if you have above a certain number of credits. all of the schools you mentioned (maybe with the exception of bing) require you to take 60 credits at their school and by the time you apply, you'll have at least 90 (78 + minimum of 12 for full time status), which will count against you. i know there are some other SUNYs that will let you transfer 90 credits in, so maybe check those out.</p>

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