<p>my transcript for admission is incompleted due to an ap test from my junior year that i havent send UCSB. My friend who also applies for other UC said he did not need to manually report the test from his junior year. Now they blocked my academic record and i dont know what to do. I've lost my ap test info from my junior year of high school and i dont know how to request it. Providing that it's still possible, since the deadline for transcript was 7-15-10. I've emailed them about the issue but it would take them around 7-10 biz days to process it. I really need help and i'm kinda panicking right now.

<p>When dealing with something of this importance, you do NOT send an email. You call them. That's how you get things fixed quickly.</p>

<p>okay thanks. I wonder what's the chance they'll rescind my admission :S? It's an AP U.S. History score, and my major is physics. Hopefully they'll accept it late since i sent it by using rush service from collegeboard. Wish me luck D: Cant even wait 'till 10 am and call them....oh well, wish me luck</p>

<p>i had the same problem. just call up collegeboard and see if they'll send it in, they may/may not charge you depending on the circumstances. call ucsb and explain the situation. also, the July 15th deadline was a typo, they reported when i called. they said the true deadline is September 1st.</p>