Helping with application

I am helping dd with the common app. We are doing her extra activities section. Amoung a few things she is an artist who has won local contests and has even sold some of her work. Is there a term for that? Like a writer would be published. Is there something similar in art?

A professional artist?

Is the word you are looking for juried?

Has she sold things privately, as a professional? I would say professional artist if that is true. And yes, juried art contests should be mentioned. Is she going to submit a portfolio? Various coleges have different ways to submit artwork, so look at each college’s website because some require the student to set up a separate account with a service that allows material to be uploaded. Other colleges will only look at juried art. Look at these requirements sooner rather than later, as it might help her prepare in advance.

I’m not sure that selling a piece or two constitutes being a professional, does it? If your kid mows the neighbor’s lawn a few times over the summer and earns a total of $60, does that make them a Professional Gardener? If your kid is hired 2 or 3 time to play music at events or cafes, are they now a professional musician? I guess when I hear the word professional, I think of a significant amount of commercial activity associated. To me it implies more than having been paid just a few times for it. If she ran a regular stand at a local bazaar where she sold many items, or had contracts for major projects (eg paint a mural on the wall of city hall), that would seem more professional to me.

I’d probably just say Artist–won these prizes, did these exhibits, sold X items.

I think “artist” would suffice, then use the description space to say “X prize” or sold 4 pieces. Consider an art supplement, if this is more than random. You could use Addl Info to briefly note the contests and a line about the sales.

“Juried” can mean “Having the contents selected for exhibition by a jury,” or for entrance into a competition, not simply that there were judges for the awards.

Likewise, I’d be careful about Professional. You’re asking strangers (adcoms) to interpret. Let them see what she did achieve, focus on that, not spinning it into more, at this early point.

You could always put in a blurb about “x dollars in art sales so far…”