Helpp how do you beat protoss mothership + mass carriers??

<p>They keep on owning me. Helppp.</p>


<p>you'll have to ask my friend</p>

<p>Haha, ask MITChris in the MIT forum :p. (I actually googled "protoss mothership" to figure out what it is:P)</p>

<p>First, you stop beating your wife.</p>

<p>How good is Starcraft 2, relative to the original?</p>

<p>Noob. First, you shouldn't let him get them in the first place. Building them takes a long time, so you can easily take him out before he gets a huge army.</p>

<p>And to answer your question, use psi storm and void rays.</p>

<p>Should I Google this?</p>

<p>As what race?
You basically need to make sure that they don't mass...counter by not letting them mass.</p>

<p>For Protoss, mass void ray, you need to be good at selecting multiple voids to attack multiple targets</p>

<p>For Zerg, ya you are screwed, do not let them mass!</p>

<p>For Terran, alot of units may work, have good variety, marines and thors, etc..</p>

<p>Zerg>Corrupters, mutas, hydras
Infestors with neural parasite also helps tons</p>

<p>If this was Facebook, I would "Like" this hahaha. </p>

<p>Just use heavy anti-air units like Phoenixes (Protoss), Vikings (Terran), Corrupters (Zerg), etc. </p>

<p>Also, make sure to always attack the Carrier directly and not the little interceptors that it shoots out. ;)</p>

<p>Attack quickly so they can't make them</p>