Helppp! AP Comp Sci

<p>Hi guys!
I am going to be a sophomore this year and I wanted to take an honors or AP class as an elective, but I just found out today that the honors elective I signed up for did not have enough students sign up for it. I am thinking to take AP Computer Science but I don't know if it is a very difficult class. I am taking Honors Algebra II, Honors Chemistry, Honors English, and AP Euro. I don't know a lot about Java... what else do they teach?

<p>At my school Intro to Java and Advanced Java are pre-requisites to take the class.
That being said, your school could be different. I recommend learning the language first and then taking the class.</p>

<p>I’m pretty sure the majority of schools that offer AP comp sci don’t have prerequisites in the field like OHMighty’s school does. At my school, pre-Calc is a prerequisite, just so they know you can do basic analytical and logical thinking.</p>

<p>I went into the class knowing absolutely nothing about computer science, java (or any other language), or even how a computer works (I still have no clue… I’m betting it’s magic) and I did just fine. I had a fairly good teacher and a few students in the class who already knew some java helped others out a bit, but I assume you’ll have the same if you take the class.</p>

<p>I think if you are good at logical thinking and are prepared to work hard in case it doesn’t come easy to you, then you should go for it! I found the subject very fun and now plan on adding comp sci as a second major, so I’m very glad I was introduced to the subject!</p>

In my school a techer teaches this course virtually though, will that affect anything?</p>