Helppp!!! Reagrding the application!!!!

<p>oaky, i just submitted my application, i chose pay later cuz i have to ask my parents for credit card, and i havent finish my selfreporting yet, but ,, when i check my application status, all it says is just my basic infomartions,( adddress, phone number, major etc,) it says :
This is a summary of the processed application that you selected. Please review all the information to make sure it is accurate, especially your name, address, and program/major. If you need to make any changes, contact our office.
You can check whether your application is complete by reviewing the Status row. </p>

<p>The Requirements section lists the items needed to make your application complete. If there is a date in the Received column, we have received the item. If there is not a date, please verify that the item(s) have been sent before contacting our office. During our busy times, it may take up to 1-2 weeks for received dates to be entered. </p>

<p>But i dont have anything to click with !!! it has been 2 days already, and i didnt get any email confirmation from them.. </p>

<p>what is my problem??? please...oh my god... </p>