<p>Okay, so I'm taking a summer SAT class and the classes are divided by level (like, people who do better are in different classes than those who do badly). I was originally in a higher level class, but we took another practice SAT, and i accidentally forgot 2 write the essay at first so i had to do it during another section and therefore my score was pretty low. The next day they moved my class to lower level class, I was wondering how I should talk to the person in charge in order to get them to put me back in my first class? Because the higher level classes get better teachers. PLEASE HELP ME!! I'm really nervous about talking to the administrator...I'm not sure how I should approach them. -___-</p>

<p>"Hey, I accidentally forgot to write the essay when I took the last practice test so I had to do it during another section. That's what made my test score pretty low. Could you move me up to my former class? I'm a much better fit there."</p>

<p>That's all you have to say. If he refuses, get your parents in on it. They always listen to them.</p>

<p>How did you forget to write the essay? That's the first thing you do on the SAT...</p>