Hendrix Dorm Reputations?

I am a current high school senior with Hendrix as one of my top options. I saw a thread on this from 2010 but am looking for more up to date info. I know Martin is the party dorm for guys and Veasey the party dorm for girls. I am a girl so I am looking for the reputation for the rest of the female dorms- couch, raney, and galloway. Any info is helpful. Thanks!

My sister goes to Hendrix and I just got accepted, it’s a great school. From what I know, Couch is the co-ed dorm and has a rep for being the stoner dorm. Raney has a lot of cinderblock and according to my sister is the worst female dorm. I would go for Veasey or Galloway for sure – Veasey is more of a fun party dorm, while Galloway is a quieter environment. Freshman don’t often get into Galloway, it’s usually sophomores and up, but you could give it a shot. It’s a beautiful building and has hardwood floors. My sister was in Veasey her freshman year and Galloway sophomore year. She loved them both.

Thank you @chummy1 !

My daughter is a freshman at Hendrix and lives in Veasey. It is a fun dorm but I wouldn’t call it a party dorm if you aren’t comfortable with that. The guys dorms seem to be the “party” dorms. Veasey is a more social dorm. Galloway is definitely the quieter dorm. The rooms are a little bigger but the building is older and to be torn down in the next few years.

I just visited a few days ago. All of the buildings are older, and Galloway’s definitely the nicest of the girls’ dorms. I walked into Couch and the smell of weed was EVERYWHERE, so I can vouch for that comment. I stayed overnight in Veasey and it was nice- the rooms are HUGE compared to other colleges I’ve visited. The dorms have vanities and sinks in all of them. The girls I stayed with had their beds bunked, had space to store stuff under the beds, had a desk for a computer, a set of drawers, AND a futon that had space to fold out completely… not to mention the built-ins, the mini fridge, microwave, and printer. I thought the dorms were nice looking, but my biggest takeaway was the sheer enormity of the rooms, comparatively speaking.