Hendrix or AU?

<p>I know this is a bit late in the game, but I wanted to get all of your opinions on where I should go. I've been thinking this through, but I really don't know where to go. Each has something I like.</p>

<p>What I like most about AU is its location and the boundless opportunities available on the hill. There's so much to do. But Hendrix has been known to produce excellent grad students and I know I would thrive there.</p>

<p>AU is offering me about 28k, so I would have to pay about 24. Hendrix is offering me 21k, and I would have to pay about 17k.</p>

<p>What do you guys think?</p>

<p>I appreciate any thoughts or help.</p>

<p>Both choices are great. At this point, trust your gut. Good luck. Let us know what you decide.</p>