Hendrix vs. Earlham, Knox & Beloit

<p>Hi! I've been accepted to four colleges so far and am waiting on about six others. I haven't been able to visit any of them and may not be able to visit them in order to make my final decision. (Unable to afford airfare) I'm looking for comparisons between the following schools: Earlham, Knox, Beloit and Hendrix. </p>

<p>Academic programs that interest me: International relations, anthropology/sociology (I know that Beloit has a top anthro program), gender studies, urban studies, educational policy/reform, strong Spanish program(?) (REALLY want to be fluent)</p>

<p>Are they very similar in terms of academic quality? Can you tell me more about the social life at each school? I'd like to live and learn with people who are respectful, kind and smart. Are students interested in their work? Are class discussions lively? How do food/dorms/facilities compare?</p>

<p>Thanks so much!</p>