It seems that all of the Hendrix threads are locked, so I wanted to start a new one for those wtih any interest. Any current students with updates or thoughts of the campus/courses?

I don’t really have specific questions right now - I’d just love to hear any thoughts that you have. Our daughter’s GC loves the school and highly recommends it to students interested in LACs. I’m looking forward to checking it out. Thanks for any info that you can share!

It’s very dynamic and were it not in Arkansas but, say, Florida, it’d have tons of applications. Right now it’s a good safety for B+ kids who want a Liberal LAC in the South, not far from a city, with tons of opportunities to continue ECs, intern, study abroad…

My son is a soph at Hendrix and has had a great experience so far. Definitely a mix of artsy, athletic, and high academic kids from all over the country. Very traditional feeling campus and the food in the dining hall is fabulous! Conway is home to three colleges so the town has a “college-town” feel and it’s only 30 minutes from the Little Rock airport. Hendrix offers so many opportunities and professors have been very involved and supportive.

This board has been really quiet. Any more Hendrix interest? Anyone attending Hays Scholarship Weekend?

My daughter is seriously on the fence here about Hendrix. Size and small town are the big negative factors for her. But she received a very good scholarship and Hendrix is, financially, a possibility for her. Would very much appreciate feedback from current or past parents about their student’s experiences as a whole. Especially those who were initially turned off by the small size. Thank you! We need to settle this soon!

what is the drinking culture like at Hendrix?

The professors at Hendrix are absolutely amazing people who really care about their students. They will spend hours of one on one time with their students so that they really understand the subject they’re struggling with. That is pretty much the best part about Hendrix, other than the fact that the campus is pretty on the outside. The inside of campus is a different story, specifically in the dorms. They are full of black mold. Students get headaches and feel ill all of the time from the mold in their dorms. And since students are forced to live on campus, they are forced to attend classes feeling ill and sick because where they are living is hurting them. My advice to anyone applying: make sure your kid is in a good dorm without mold. If there is mold tell the school but also test it yourself to find out exactly what it is. Make sure you get a good advisor that knows the calendar year and makes sure your kid graduates on time and does not hinder that. Honestly the professors are great but the administration is not. The school spends thousands on random crap and is now in a lot of debt. To combat their debt they raised the price of everything for students and did not improve anything for them. They reduced cafeteria hours so athletes now have nowhere to eat if practice runs late yet they made the meal plan more expensive. Hendrix full price now costs more than Harvard and you are not getting a Harvard education or college recognition at Hendrix. To live in a mold filled cramped dorm sometimes without running water or a working ac unit with a roommate will cost you about $900-1000 a MONTH. Rent in Conway is around $600 for an entire apartment. Seriously do your research on Hendrix before you choose it. They have great potential but they have been going downhill faster every year. The glory days of Hendrix have long passed. Honestly the school might shut down within the next 10 years they are so in debt.

Dorms full of black mold ? Is this true ? Any articles on this ?

I am not surprised. We visited a few years ago and found the dorms to be old and musty. We found the dorms at IU to be the same and sure enough, the next year several went off line with a mold problem.

Several articles on the internet regarding mold & mildew in Hendrix College dorms.

this isn’t true the dorms are not that bad all the mold is gone and the two remaining dorms with mold and mildew have been shut down

Hi. Can anyone tell me more about the Computer department at Hendrix?