<p>Any comments from those who know about Hendrix?</p>

<p>What do you want to know? My D will be heading off to Hendrix this fall. My Husband is an alumn. During D's decision process we've been to several visits to the campus and attended various tours, and recruiting presentations. We were most recently there this past weekend.</p>


<p>I congratulate your daughter and you for a great choice. I have two friends who have kids at Hendrix and love it there. I am trying to interest S2, a junior in the school. He is a bit of a non-conformist, very bright and not too motivated as yet. Would really rather be reading stuff on the Internet and having very heady conversations with his friends. Is Hendrix a place where he would be likely to find kindred spirits? Thanks!</p>

<p>He would absolutely find kindred spirits at Hendrix. There is a close-knit feeling on the campus. Lots of interaction between the students and their professors outside of the classroom. This is encouraged in several ways by the administration:
1. All students are required to live on campus. Special permission is necessary to live elsewhere. There is sufficient housing to accomodate all students, even some apartments for upperclassmen across the street from the main campus. There are men's dorms, women's dorms, a coed dorm, a language house, and also some new houses, where 16 or so students live in each one.
2. A new program YOUR HENDRIX ODDESSY was unveiled recently which formalized what was already happening on the campus. Students are now required to participate in at least 3 "projects" during their years at Hendrix. There are about 6 categories to choose from (Artistic expression-I think this one is like musical or dramatic performance, Service to the world, Research, etc.) They even award scholarships to admitted students based on the EC's from high school through the oddessy program. (D received a $3500/year award). The student will receive a "transcript" of his Oddessy in addition to the traditional transcript to document participation.
3. There is no Greek system, but there are lots of clubs, and lots of student input into student activities.</p>


<p>I'm a senior deciding btwn Hendrix, Lewis & Clark, Scripps, UT, and Barrett at ASU. Any input you guys have about Hendrix (or it in relation to the others) would be much welcome.</p>

<p>In particular, how liberal is Hendrix? Is there an intellectual atmosphere there?</p>

<p>Hey amelie. I'm Scootron's daughter. In answer to your questions, I don't really know that much about the other colleges you're considering, but I do think Hendrix has a great intellectual atmosphere. Everyone there is really eager to learn and they're all thrilled to be in a place where they can have not only a great education, but also have great opportunities to become who they really ARE. Hendrix's motto is "Unto the whole person" and they hold true to it. </p>

<p>As for being liberal, it's not so much that they are so uber liberal where you come out 'brainwashed' or anything, but more that the whole community is just very accepting of everyone. You won't find only democrats or liberals, but they are the majority. I heard that the election returns for the campus ended up about 87% for Kerry. :) </p>

<p>Hendrix is the kind of place where you'll find pre-med students in the drama department and your art majors on the volleyball team. Everyone is very involved in the community--and that's what it really is. Everyone cares about everyone else, and it's like a big family. </p>

<p>As you can see, I could talk about Hendrix all day, so I won't go on any more...:P The only thing I can say if you have any more questions is to go for a visit! Then you can really see firsthand what I'm talking about. And tell them Mary Kate sent ya!</p>

<p>Exactly what I was wondering. Thanks!</p>

<p>Everything I hear about H. makes me more and more interested.</p>

<p>Oh--just curious, are you currently a freshman? From Scootron's post it looked like you were going to start next fall...</p>

<p>hahaha...I wish I was already there. I'm still a senior in high school too, but I've been up there so many times and I tried to find out as much as possible about the school, so I probably do sound like a guidebook :). Every time we visited I tried to talk to students about their favorite--and even not-so-favorite--things about the school, and they are really the ones who sing the praises. I've been there so often, last time we visited, I joked with my admissions counselor (Fred Baker--he's the coolest!) that if he needed me to stick around and give tours I'd be glad to help. I also spent the summer there for Arkansas Governor's School, so I got to experience the campus, which is really beautiful.</p>

<p>Now I'm curious; how exactly did you find out about Hendrix? I never would have heard about it if my dad hadn't gone there. And, how seriously are you considering it? You had several other choices on your list, and it seemed like a varied group. I actually only applied to Hendrix, so it's interesting to see how other people choose between colleges.</p>


<p>College guidebook. My mom actually pointed Hendrix out b/c of the appealing price tag and its label as a "best buy," as one of the books put it. I was iffy until I visited (and found that the description of the students seemed inappropriate.) I totally agree about the campus...it's beautiful.</p>

<p>Now I'm down to 2 colleges: L&C vs Hendrix. (Barrett, as part of ASU, is just too huge for me...but extremely hard to let go: almost free and amazing opportunities.) I've only got ~15 days to decide. Good academics/a little cheaper/nicer weather or Portland/weird people/Portland. I'm practically ripping out my hair.</p>

<p>Wow. That sounds like a hard choice to make. It all comes down to how well you think the school fits you; if it doesn't click, then it would be silly to go there (not to mention a waste of time/money). While Hendrix may be a perfect fit for me, it might be horrible for someone else...and fifteen days is not much time to know for sure. So my advice is to figure that out and then you'll be set. While I didn't actually apply anywhere else, I was seriously considering going to another school here in Arkansas that offered me full paid, but after taking a visit, I knew I'd suffocate at this Southern Baptist college...being a 'screaming liberal' as my English teacher put it. </p>

<p>The weather IS great down here and you'll still find some weird people, myself probably included. </p>

<p>Whatever your choice, good luck!</p>



<p>Looks like I'll be seeing you next fall at Hendrix!</p>

<p>HOORAY! <em>jumps up and down</em></p>

<p>I'm always excited to hear of people choosing this place I already love so much. We'll have to get in touch somehow so we'll know when we meet! </p>


<p>Hey I am looking into applying late to Hendrix. Any insight? Ever sit in on a class?</p>

<p>Hi I'm from New York and I also heard about Hendrix from a guidebook. I talked to Fred Baker on the phone! I'm visiting in a few weeks and I'm pretty set on the college, but I'm really nervous about going so far away from home to a place with no snow (don't tell me you have snow-that's a lie). Can anyone just tell me about the climate? Oh and are any of the students good-looking? ;)</p>

<p>Well, I won't lie to you and say there's LOTS of snow, but they normally do get some snow in Conway. It will snow 2 to 8 inches and then it will melt in a few days. This may happen 2 or 3 times in January and February. Can't say anything about current students' looks (sorry). </p>

<p>BTW, Fred is a great guy!</p>

<p>Hi mpolack. My daughter attends Hendrix and I also live in the central Arkansas area. The climate is usually very pleasant in the fall & spring. Winters are usually quite mild compared to the northeast, but we actually DO get some snow from time to time! ;-) Summers are hot and humid, but you will only have to deal with that in August and early September when school first begins.</p>