Hepatitis B

<p>So I know that I received this shot but I cannot find my immunization record anywhere. Does UCSD want to see an actual copy of it or will they just go by what I tell them? Of I do need to show them the record, does anyone know how I can obtain it? Thanks beforehand!</p>

<p>google: ucsd student health hepatitis B</p>

<p>Student</a> Health Service - Hepatitis A and B</p>

<p>your doctor should have the file. i remember when i went to the doctor recently, some lady that was new to this office said she lost her kid's immunization card, but they got her another one since her files were transferred.</p>

<p>I had to go to my pediatrician to get the immunization record and sure enough the vaccine was listed on there. I just put my pediatrician's information on the doctor info section of the Hep B form!</p>