HEPL!!!! WHAT IS "Limits on Transfer Credits"

<p>I am International student and I want to apply UCLA in 2013, but I have a big problem please help me !!!!!</p>

<p>In my frist SEM. I studied ESL 140 class, then I got a C there are 6 units for this class.
according to assist UC will combin the ESL credits ,MAX. 8 units but I am studying ESL class in Foothill college right now which is just one class ESL 26 can transfer to UC ,5 quarter units.
how will the UC calculate that MAX 8 units ? will it just take the hightest grade of the class? or count it together ?..... HELP ME please .......</p>

<p>Courses with Unit Limitations - For any courses that have unit limitations (like PE or ESL), the UCs will count the best grades you receive within the course group. Example: UCs will count a maximum of 4 semester units of PE courses and let's say you have 6 units in PE with 3 units worth of As, 2 units worth of Bs, and 1 unit worth of Cs; the UCs will count 3 units of As and 1 unit of Bs for your GPA calculation.</p>

<p>This information was given out at the UC Counselor Conference.</p>