Here Ye Here Ye! The Apocalypse cometh!

<p>So... it's what? 6 hours? </p>

<p>Seeing as we are all in the spirit of total overanalyzatonizing. Yes that word kicks a$$. Anyways, I'm going to tell you about some freak accidents that have happened today.</p>

<p>The Yale student ID:
So as you know I'm travelling. And low and behold- I find a missing wallet in the rental car! Who doesn't love missing wallets? No matter what kind of person you are, you can have fun. If you're 'bad' you get some extra cash. If you're like me- a self proclaimed snooper and information addict- you get a window into someone elses life. </p>

<p>So as I'm searching this wallet for some clues... I find a Yale student ID card. Good luck? Maybe. Or perhaps its a symbol for my Yale being 'lost'. Haha... anyways still tracking this person down to return the wallet.</p>

<p>The psycho waitress:
I was with my family and this waitress was some hardcore lady from NEW HAVEN. Omg! We were taking a family picture overlooking the ocean and she would not stop persisting to take the pictures for us. Then she continued to clear the table because it 'didn't look good in the picture'... etc. Regular professional photographer I think she thought she was. We had to take about 10 pictures. Anyways she spilled COKE ALL OVER MY LAP! She could be the representation of Yale spilling fail all over me. :(</p>

<p>The near death experience:
The city where I'm currently staying has some awesome traffic lights. The walk/dont walk signs are equipped with countdown timers. My first time crossing I was unsure if when the countdown ended the light immediately turned green- unleashing wave upon wave of speeding death; or... if there was a built in time buffer for safety. Anyways... I'm a risk taker. So I ran it at the last second and nearly was pwned by a car. It was a blue car. Blue = Yale? But the car was a death car.... so maybe Yale will kill me at 5?</p>


<p>The sad part: all of this really happened today lol.</p>

<p>if those are all good omens, contrary to what they seem:</p>

<p>the sheer epicosity.</p>

<p>If I were you </p>

<p><em>pulls long hair out and starts running</em>
<em>runs by Forest Gump</em>
<em>Forest waves and calls her "insane mama."</em></p>

<p>i second tp</p>

<p>Maybe the universe needed to balance out the great news you'll get later with unfortunate things.</p>

<p>5 hours to go, y'all.</p>

4hours more!!</p>

3hours more!!</p>


<p>10 char</p>

<p>Breathe, guys.
I can't believe the other decisions are coming out in 3 hours but hope to see you all in New Haven next fall. Assuming I don't go to UT-Austin...</p>

<p>You can't go to Austin! You're yalerose, not austinrose! Yale FTW.</p>

<p>less than an hour folks
gl to all</p>

<p>10 minutes...</p>