Heres the breakdown, i need the CC's community advice on this.

<p>Alright so I have the 2nd Edition Blue Book, and I've gotten a 2150 on practice test 1 a week ago. And today i just scored Practice Test 2 and got a 1980. Now let me tell you that, these were done broken down and untimed. Im planning on continuing this method of breaking down the sections, like math for one day, reading the next, writing the day after till Practice test 5. Starting from P.T.#5 i plan on taking all the tests timed in test like conditions. Xiggi recommended that I use a variation of studying this way like breaking it down and then taking some timed, so yeah im doing it and so far those were the results. Now I am going to take the SAT for the second time in October.( I got a 1740 the first time btw). Anyways if i keep with this plan, do you guys think i can reach a 2100+ on my second SAT? What else can i do to guarantee this score or at least a score close to it?</p>

<p>P.S. I obviously go over ALL my mistakes and understand why i got them wrong.</p>

<p>I advise you to do them all in one day, even if you have to break it down.</p>

<p>I definately need the same help that you need.</p>

<p>BUt I guess chill out. Maybe it's stress? I increased 200 points on my SAT (from 1700s-1900s) just by resting and not stressing.</p>

<p>BUt yeah. I need a 210+ on my psat. Just to say I can actually score that high -___-''</p>

<p>Use 3rd parties tests to practice individual sections, but don't waste your bb tests. Take those timed and all in one day.</p>

<p>What 3rd party tests are good?</p>

<p>I don't think you want 3rd party tests. Stick with blue book, online course and whatever other college board pdfs you come across (including 3 here at CC -- read the stickies).</p>

<p>But in terms of your plan, keep doing what you have described in your original post! It's a good plan. Just make sure to be really thorough as you follow up on any errors. From where you are now, your goal seems reasonable and attainable. Good luck.</p>

<p>I wish I could get a freakng QAS for the test I took, beacuse they don't give it for June tests. Why doesn't collegeboard give QAS for June anyways? : (</p>

<p>I never said use 3rd party tests to gauge your score. I think these tests are helpful to practice for individual sections. So if you are having trouble in critical reading then I would suggest using these tests in order to practice CR only.</p>

<p>ehhh.... i wouldn't wanna go to in-depth with any 3rd party crit reading sections etc.</p>

<p>Why doesn't collegeboard give QAS for June???</p>

<p>I'm reading Blink. Basically, the author says if you associate yourself with "smart" things you'll do better on a standardized test right after the priming. He presents a study about African Americans filling out identification questions about their race before taking a standardized test (so they would be primed about society's negative connotations) and they performed much worse than usual. A similar study showed that priming yourself to be smart (for example, thinking about how college professors would approach the test) yielded better results. Dunno, try it out for fun.</p>