heres your chance to ask an alum

<p>i graduated conn 2 years ago, and i will be happy to give you an honest answer on anything you can think of!</p>

<p>I see from other posts that you think the academics are very strong.
How is the social life? Is it a good school for those that like athletics? How is the surrounding area of the school? Did you ever feel claustrophobic because of the size of the school? What would you say is the make-up of the student body? Preppy? Nerdy?</p>

<p>-Some academic departments are definitely better than others. what are you interested in?</p>

<p>-social life is pretty good. its a really close knit community, not too cliquey. there are people who plan their entire week on drinking, but yet also a population of students who happily live in substance free housing. in other words, a very wide variety of socializing opportunities.</p>

<p>-when you say people who like athletics, do you mean you want to play a sport? be a fan? however, i can tell you that nearly everyone i knew played sports in high school. and during warm weather, the campus is filled with students running, plyaing frisbee, pick up soccer, etc. </p>

<p>-new london is kinda crappy. however, the school itself is isolated into its own community. there is even a bar for legal students in the middle of the student center. there are things to do off campus, theres a mall 5 mintues away and a new outdoor shopping center with a bunch of good stores. providence is 40 minutes away, hartford 45 minutes, boston is 90 minutes, and new york is between 2-2.5 hours, if you get really antsy for a city. </p>

<p>-at times you can feel claustrophobic at the school because you pretty much can recognize everyone in your class. but feeling clasutraphobic can happen at even a huge school- i went to a muich bigger school for grad school and still felt stifled on occasion. </p>

<p>-the student body definitely has a sterotypical student- white, upper middle class, preppy, new england. however, this is getting better. you have a wide range of preps, jocks, musicians, social misfits, drama people, hippies, conservatives, potheads- basically there is a niche for everyone.</p>

<p>I've posted this before, but how is safety?</p>

<p>im a small white girl and in 4 years i never felt unsafe walking alone at night</p>

<p>How's the history department?</p>

<p>its one of the biggest departments there, possibly the most profs. i know a lot of smart people that were history majors, several went on to law school. from what i remember, they were expanding the major to be more inclusive of different subareas- i think you can pick to concentrate on US, European, Asian, African, or Latin American if you want. whats nice about having a big department at conn is that there is always a wide range of classes offered each semester.</p>

<p>My child has been accepted at Conn - is trying to decide. Can you tell us about the dorms? All of the rooms that we saw were TINY - seemed like there were a lot of forced triples and doubles. Are all of the rooms small? Also - what about those coed bathrooms? Thank you.</p>

<p>the dorms are some of the best i've seen! definitely larger than most other schools. just about everybody gets a single after freshman year, very few freshmen rooms are what i would call 'tiny.' my frosh room could have easily been a triple, except the ceilings were too slanted for a bunk bed (we were on the top floor). i loved all 4 of my dorm rooms. the dorms become a tight community, and there is intense dorm pride/friendly competition all year long thru dorm association. </p>

<p>the older buildings are fantastic in terms of rooms- spacious, a lot of character. it sounds like you saw one of the newer buildings, which we refer to as looking like a hospital or institution- too white/bright, strange set up.</p>

<p>as far as coed bathrooms...
it does sound wierd at first, but after a few days you totally get over it. its not like you would walk around naked in an all girls bathroom anyways. the showers are all in locked stalls, with shower curtains behind the locked door. toilets are also in locked stalls. no urinals. many dorms have more than one bathroom per floor, so you could always go to another one. plus, everyone is on such different schedules, that you rarely see people in the bathroom anways. if someone is REALLY freaked out about it, they could request to live on a single sex floor.</p>

<p>Could you answer my post about double majoring? It's the 2nd-3rd thread down...</p>

<p>double majors are very popular. the school is very flexible with designing your own curriculum.
i know someone who was a triple (!) major, double major with a minor, major with a double minor, etc.
you just have to be wise in your course selection.</p>

<p>Thanks! (10char)</p>

<p>Do you have any idea what the male/female ratio is for this year's incoming freshmen? Thanks!</p>