He's Definitely Getting In

<p>Or Is He???</p>

<p>1600 SAT
800 Math IIC
800 Chemistry
800 Writing
1/1000 rank
President of four clubs, vice-president of one
Has a significant obstacle (prejudice) which he had to overcome</p>

<p>What’s his chances (percentage-wise) at :</p>


<p>Also will need Research, and maybe a varsity sport or too for Division I.</p>

<p>Without those I'd say</p>

<p>Harvard 65%
MIT 75%
Columbia 75%</p>

<p>Please pardon me if I offended anyone, because I have to say: damn~~~is that guy for real?? He's in the 4000 club!!!</p>

<p>yah really what a loser</p>

<p>There's no such thing as a "definite admit" at highly selective schools such as Harvard, MIT, and Columbia.</p>

<p>He's not the pefect Harvard student, he lacks athletics, which is big.</p>

<p>crapp.. is athletics that important for ivy admissions?</p>

<p>Additional Information:</p>

<p>-He "tried" varsity tennis in 10th grade so technically he has participiated in that sport.
-He will be doing research while the application will be sent out in Bio-Medicine.
-He has gotten 5's on AP US History and AP Chemistry
-He is also writing on science/technology for a local newspaper</p>

<p>Now, using this, and his other information what would his chances be at:
1. Harvard
2. MIT
3. Columbia</p>

<p>no no no</p>

<p>but it shows you are well rounded. Just high merits (1600 SAT's still had a 66% rejection rate)</p>

<p>I have yet to see someone who has played 3+ varsity sports for 4 continuous years (9-12) be rejected with a 1500+ SAT or 34+ ACT and top 10% of school</p>

<p>I'd still say the same percentage with that information. Publishes research is what is big at MIT and Caltech. Trying out for a sport is different than being on the team. Just 2 AP's isnt much and writing for local newspaper is not very big.</p>

<p>There is nothing that he seems passionate about except grades, his resume, and class rank. Behold the reason Harvard rejects 66% of its 1600 students.</p>


<p>I have a friend like that, but he got those scores in 10th grade... and he has a 5.0 weighted GPA. And you would never ever know that he was that smart, he is a very humble person, and finds the time to do fun stuff too, he is no "stay at home, have no life, and study 24/7" kind of guy... He is applying early to stanford...</p>

<p>1/1000 Rank. that class size seems fake.</p>

<p>I don't think it's that great of an idea to only apply to 3 colleges - especially with no safety ones. Then again, i'm the crazy one that's applying to 7, so maybe you shouldn't listen to me! Just my 2cents :)</p>

<p>i remember this summer i read an article about a similar kid applying to big name colleges like harvard mit, etc. and i was thinking 'he's definately a shoe in' and he got rejected by mit and harvard and waitlisted in some other amazing schools. which is a shocker. in fact that student had an extra edge on this one; he had some organization for innercity kids. you never know. college process; madness!</p>