Hey all, CMC sophomore here!

<p>Hey future attendees/CMC-hopefuls!</p>

<p>I'm currently a sophomore at CMC and I just wanted to let you know about a resource that might give you the inside scoop. We have a satirical web magazine on campus called The Golden Antlers that would definitely give you a feel for the campus. And, most likely, make you laugh a lot. For example "Explaining CMC To People Who Don't Go to CMC" "To Be a CMC Freshman" and other articles on the party scene, various majors, and CMC-specific humor. </p>

<p>It's called: The</a> Golden Antlers</p>

<p>Just a taste, here are our top 5 most read articles right now:</p>

<li>The 5C Challenge </li>
<li> CMC Announces New “Gentlemen’s Studies” Sequence</li>
<li> 16 Things That Would Signal the End of the World at Claremont McKenna College</li>
<li> Unsuccessful CMC Pickup Lines</li>
<li>Presidential Search Committee announces “Hunky Hiram” as Next President of CMC</li>

<p>Anyways, I wish you all the best of luck in your college admissions adventures & I hope you like the site!</p>

<p>Hi StagLove, I’m applying to CMC. I’m working on the supp (less than 1 day until deadline T____T)
The topic is: choose a speaker to the Athe. Speaker Series
I think I need your advice. I’m not sure whether I should focus more on the person I choose or myself (why I want that person).
Is it about my thinking of what makes a good leader or about myself ?</p>

<p>Hello - Well, I do not work for the admissions department, so don’t take my word as law but I say more about what your advice to the leader means to you as a leader. So if you give your leader advice, why is the leader you chose relevant to you as a leader? What could you learn from them? Also, it’s a lot about proving you’re a good writer so polish it as much as you can. Good luck! :)</p>

<p>I’m glad that you replied ^^
My topic is different from yours. The topic this year is just invite to Athenaeum Speaker Series. No advice :smiley: (btw, do you enjoy the dining series? It sounds great!)
I checked The Golden Antlers and had a lot of fun before I started my essay, but it also raise a lot of questions about CMC.
I’m done with my essay now. I know it’s a lot to ask, but can you help me proofread? I’m not seeking for professional or people from admission office. I just want … well a common sense I guess.
Hope you can help :)</p>

<p>thanks for the site staglove!! ill be an incoming freshman next year at CMC and i couldn’t be more pumped. the site is hilarious. </p>

<p>also best of luck VenusGR, hope you get in :)</p>