Hey Anybody Got Their Applicant ID Yet?

<p>ED Applicants,</p>

<p>After the application was all done, did anyone get their applicant ID already? When exactly do we get it?</p>


<p>Yes. I got mine about 5-7 days ago. It comes in email form saying CU Acknowledgement. In it they provide you with your ID. Good luck Del!</p>

<p>HAHA Thx Jaug...I actually got that e-mail but never noticed the number in it...Haha, my question answered. =)</p>

<p>What is an applicant ID?</p>

<p>After you complete ALL parts of the application, they assign you a number so you can check the status of your application...I think.</p>

<p>No, I got my applicant ID with only sending in Part I.</p>

<p>is this online or by paper?</p>

<p>online i got it.</p>

<p>Really? Haha I guess it's been in my mail box but I never even noticed it...</p>

<p>i dont mean if u received it online, i mean did u receive it by doing the online application or the paper application.</p>

<p>online application</p>

<p>wait freakish...I thought the paper applicants get one too, to see where they are in the process...</p>

<p>Are you sure? Hmm...maybe im mistaken</p>

<p>wow, lol...you're a little dense. JK, but someone asked me whether or not I did my application online or paper, and I said I did mine online. That's all.</p>

<p>So do the paper applicants get one?? I think that's what cb43087 was asking. Anybody?</p>

<p>I submitted paper and didn't get any respond..but when I called them, they had it so, I have it now.</p>