Hey CCers! I'm new here.

<p>As a senior, I already completed my applications. </p>

<p>White female from Virginia
10% top of class
SAT: 800M/800W/710R
SAT II: 750/710/790
APs: all 4s
Awesome letters of recommendations
Really good essays-had three adults looking at them and they really liked them</p>

<p>Most significant ECs: Health Science Academy, Science Club, National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine, worked at the hospital for two years, did research in the lab at University of Virginia last summer, tutoring, National Honor Society</p>

<p>I participated actively in a community volunteer program (providing meals to families, babysitting children, cleaning the highway, etc.) I was awarded President's Student Service Gold Award. Like you guys, I got on honor rolls every year.</p>

<p>Will being profoundly deaf help? I use American Sign Language interpreters. I even wrote a supplement essay about how it made me a better person, academically and socially, and how it shaped my life with dreams and goals.</p>

<p>Please write accepted/rejected/waitlisted next to schools. Please be brutally honest. Thanks!</p>

Brown's PLME
William and Mary
Boston University
James Madison University</p>

<p>Another deaf applicant?! Anyway, I think you have an outstanding chance in all schools you applied. I expect success in the end of March. Good luck!</p>

<p>Any more opinions? Please be honest.</p>

<p>Will being deaf help? Hell yeah! If you've been deaf for a significant amount of time you probably don't see it as all that much of a handicap, but an awful lot of other people do.</p>

<p>Even if you weren't deaf, you'd still have an excellent chance.</p>