hey guys need help with a paper

<p>im writing a paper , which is a short story about a fake character in the great depression, and am curious about some major cultural facts/points that i should be sure to include (that are subtle so it doesnt seem the facts are there just to show that u know it)</p>


<p>I guess soup kitchens and bread lines. And, getting a chit. The chits were things you would get from a charity and you would have to give them to the folks in charge of the soup kitchens and bread lines. And, those lines were long! </p>

<p>Also, you basically just have to think like how things would be in the 20's if you were poor. Know what I mean? Put yourself in the shoes on someone from that time. </p>


<p>your granny merlin</p>

<p>I had to interview my grandma about the great depression for school once. The things that I remember are that her family did relatively okay because my great-grandpa was a postal worker. Civil servants had steadier jobs and were thus slightly cushioned from the depression. You could throw in kids games that were affected by poverty. My grandma talked about "kick the can" which is kind of what it sounds like. Everyone but one hides, and the one has to guard the empty tin can and find the hiders. The hiders have to sneak to the can and kick it. If you're thinking about the depression from a slightly different angle, you could write about the depression from the view of the average American family--you could include bread lines, Hoovervilles, and people jumping out of windows and such as things going on around the family. I don't know, just an idea.</p>