Hey Guys. need help.

<p>I attended one college two years ago and had a low gpa so I re-applied another university to be a freshman again . </p>

<p>I am now actually a transfer student with a decent gpa: 3.72.</p>

<p>Is there anyway the schools I apply now (my dream school u of chicago,etc) know how many colleges I attended before? Will they know my low gpa at my first college?</p>


<p>Could we apply as freshman if we've already attended college (for more than a year)?
that would be nice to think of since transfer pool is more competitive. </p>

<p>I thought it's not possible, but I guess it's just the matter of losing all post secondary credits, me right?</p>

<p>You're required to send all transcripts.</p>

<p>I don't mind losing all credits cause my gpa at first college is so poor.</p>

<p>Above all, I think it's better to be honest. As fas as you can show your abilities for the future, swapping away your background is not a good idea.
If the issue is your transcript, then you should face the fact that any college would have exams and grades.</p>

<p>Getting admission is not the end, it's just the beginning.</p>

<p>I'm much concerned in lower quota for transfer, so the idea of freshman application is waddling through my brain. tsk tsk</p>

<p>How do they know if i send all transcript all not?</p>



<p>You can't provide inaccurate information. If they require it, you must give them out.
In such cases, even if you get a degree from the new college, they can disapprove it and you'll lose your certificate of any type.</p>



<p>I'm exactly the other way around :)
But transfer quota is hardly a couple of dozens.</p>

<p>If you applyed for financial aid then they know you went to another school. </p>

<p>But what you're trying to do doesn't make sense. I had a crappy first year of college and didn't do too well but am ready to put that behind me and do better next semester. You should too and stop trying to cheat the system, you'll only end up getting caught.</p>

<p>Most schools won't accept credits where you earned less than a C anyway. It's not about getting the credit. It's about being honest about the progress you have made, and I think any school will look upon you favorably for doing that, especially if you can explain it in your essay. There is no point in trying to cheat the system here.</p>



<p>Yep, or in other words stop hot-wiring</p>

<p>thanks all.</p>

<p>Whenever you apply for admission to an accredited college or university in the US, you are obliged to supply official transcripts from every other college and university that you have attended. What these institutions do with the credits you have earned elsewhere is entirely up to them. They can give you boatloads of transfer credit, or they can deny you any transfer credit if that is their policy. Don't worry about that old ugly transcript from back in your past before you figured out how to be a good student. What counts more is that your newer courses show your new attitude, and your new good grades.</p>

<p>Send all of your transcripts.</p>

<p>Thx. I will defintely send all my transcript.</p>

<p>Does anyone could tell me a 3.3 gpa from my first college really hurts much? Cause what I wanna transfer are Uchicago, columbia.</p>

<p>Thx. I will defintely send all my transcript.</p>

<p>Could you tell me a 3.3 gpa from my first college really hurts much? Cause what I wanna transfer are Uchicago, columbia.</p>