Hey I was deferred from Hopkins ED and it's still my dream school could u guys chance me,

Chance me, the first round of the college process has been rough and I’m wondering if I should give up hope of going to a elite school or if I still have a shot:

ED 1: deffered JHU (still my dream school) (sent LOCI and additional updates)
deferred ea UChicago

Accepted: case, bing, purdue (not honors college),

deffered: Northeastern

waiting for vandy, northwestern, columbia, yale, dartmouth, washu, mellon,


NY, White Male,

GPA: 3.98 unweighted, 4.8 weighted (rank 15/550) competitive public school

2 year biomedical internship at 2 different companies at the same time (mechanical and electrical engineering work), paid 15 dollars an hour at both

34 act, 720 world history subject test, 9 aps (5 on chem, 5 U.S., and 5 World history, 4 on lang),

president of 3 clubs (ping pong, historic cinema, and one more), founder of 1 (historic cinema), leadership in 4 other clubs (ju jitsu, italian club, yag and others)

varsity tennis,

Run weekly seminars getting up to 40 kids on programs such as environmental racism and other social justice topics

bass and piano (all-county for double bass and section leader of school orchestra),

coordinator of social justice at religious school. (I have a few more stuff but these are most of the highlights)

senior website developer coordinator of volunteer group that was built during covid to provide students with tutors and free educational support (60+ hours of work) as well as additional 200 volunteer hours

Python and Quantum computing courses with IBM and self taught

Lobbied Congress on a program for criminal justice reform

worked as a camp councleor for a year, as well as have a job that I worked at 5 hours every week for 4 years

Rec letter from ap history teacher 9/10 highly personal and talked about the struggles I’ve been through

Rec letter from BC calc teacher didn’t read but she asked if she could write my rec letter

awards: school Princeton book award, student of the quarter, NYSSMA award, AP Chem award

strong essays but I think that will be pretty standard at these schools

(applied for financial aid)

I don’t do “chance me” threads but wanted to say that you have some great acceptances and can be successful at any of the schools where you’ve already been admitted.

Good luck to you!


Just curious - what will you do differently based on different responses?

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You have very impressive accomplishments. I’m sure you will do well wherever you wind up, including the places where you’ve already been accepted. Wishing you the best in school, knowing you will find the best anywhere!


absolutely nothing, but either way I’ll have a little bit more peace of mind in the coming months which I think will be valuable

What is your intended major or likely majors?

I do agree that you should relax on the basis that you are already accepted to multiple very good universities (and of course it only takes 1). You know that you will be attending a very good university in September. At this point you do not know which one. However, based on how you have done up to this point it seems very likely that you will do well wherever you end up.


Do you know if you’d be able to make a Division III NCAA tennis team?

likely major is an environmental sci and poly sci

possibly, I would be a walk on though

Hey! Could you give us your senior year courses? Thanks!

5 aps 2 honors classes

Can you please tell us the exact courses you took? Schools like the one you are asking us to chance you for want to make sure you have fulfilled their core course requirements.

ap lit, ap gov, bc calc, ap phyics 2, ap stats, econ, orchestra

Did you reach level 4 in foreign language?
Otherwise, rigor’s there, everything’s good, but with sub 25% acceptance rates it’s really luck of the draw. You have a better than average chance, but with 11% being the average it means your odds may be 1 in 5.


Even though I know that Northeastern can be tough on EA, it is hard for me not to read into that datapoint. My gut is that your school allows people to get an UW GPA beyond a 4.0 - please confirm. You seem very strong, but there maybe something we can’t see on your application that is keeping you at a particular level. I am going to say you get accepted to Northeastern, but assuming no ED2, it is difficult to categorize the rest of your list as anything but reaches. Clearly, you are a strong applicant, but you may be applying to that next level, and just missing it.

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Did you apply as a biomed engineering major? If so, what was your secondary major?

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In addition to your academic record, you are a President of clubs + an athlete + a musician

I don’t see why more admissions departments would opt against admitting you. I don’t believe UChicago or Carnegie Mellon have a ton of people as well rounded as you.

The rank is very good. I wonder if you would have actually benefited if your school would not report your rank.