Hey I'm a senior, and this is craaazy but here's my app, so chance me maybe!

<li>UC Berkeley</li>
<li>UC Davis</li>
<li>Rice University
(I'm going to keep it short and sweet)</li>

<p>UC GPA UW: 4.0
UC GPA W: 4.25</p>

<p>UW Overall: 3.925
W Overall: 4.175 (freshman year ;/)</p>

<p>SAT: 2100
SAT Subject Tests: Biology - 730; Math - 700; US History - 770
Residency: CA; Ethnicity: White</p>

<p>ECs (General):
Varsity Tennis 9,10,11,12
Tennis Center Open Team 9,10,11,12
Ecology Club Treasurer 11,12
Dory Club Secretary (Dementia Research)10,11,12
Blood Drive Club Secretary 11,12
CA Scholarship Federation Member
National Honor Society Secretary10,11,12
Community Service in Italy, Spain, and Austria (10/11)
Youth Ministries Teacher 9,10,11,12
350+ Volunteer Hours</p>


<p>Honor Roll 9,10,11,12
Scholar Athlete 9,10,11,12
Varsity Letter Award 11
Winner of 3 Tennis Tournaments
700+ Child Care
Certificate of Competency - Designer Asst.</p>

<p>looks good! solid chances all around. are you a CA resident?</p>

<p>Thanks! And yes, I am!</p>


<p>you guys need to start coming up with original titles. :/</p>

<p>anyways, you seem to have a decent chance at the schools you’ve listed.</p>

<p>Thanks. My first choice is UCB. hopefully I have what it takes to get in. Anyone else? bump ?</p>

<p>Yep, excellent chances. UCB and UCLA chances will go up a lot to easy matches if you get ur SAT above 22+, but even with a 2100, ur chances look great!!</p>




<p>I’d say your chances are pretty good!! :)</p>

<p>Pleaseeee check out my thread <3</p>

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<p>I see no reason why you won’t be admitted to any of those schools. You have some amazing grades and ECs! All of the UCs will definitely admit you! You have a great shot at rice, but they’re really big on test scores which can be annoying. If you get upwards of 2200 you’d be golden there. But you’re super qualified for Rice. Also, if you can, try and get into contact with rice’s tennis department. Athletes get exceptional preference there. I know someone who was a football player with a very average resume (SAT in the middle thousands, 3.4, virtually no ECs, etc.) who got in. Since they’re division 1 Rice is really big on recruiting athletes, and you sound like a pretty good tennis player. Thanks for chancing me by the way. You will definitely be really happy once admit decisions come out. Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks SO much!</p>


<p>First off, I HATE YOUR TITLE HAHAHAHAH :smiley: I saw it and started laughing omg :D</p>

<p>I’d say pretty good shot at all of those schools ! Like someone mentioned, I’d say try to bring up the SAT score. It’s already great, but I like to say, a higher score can’t hurt right? :slight_smile: Although as a CA resident, it’s probably good enough for any UC, unless you’re looking at a scholarship or something! </p>

<p>Your ec’s are super focused, so that’s good :smiley: Maybe write your essays about tennis? And someone’s mentioned already, maybe go for the recruited athlete bit. Or getting a tennis coach to write an LOR could go a long way as well.</p>

<p>You didn’t mention whether you needed FA, but if your overseas community service wasn’t like a school trip or something I’d say not to play it up too much, I’ve read that adcoms are sick of reading the same stuff about learning about living in the third world and how privileged we are :slight_smile: Also I read somewhere it makes people sound rich and stuffy. Not too sure how accurate that is, but I would think that your impact in your own community would be more significant!</p>

<p>But otherwise, definitely great shot, especially since you’re a CA resident :slight_smile: Goodluck!!</p>

<p>Thanks everyone!!!</p>

<p>I also took a total of 5 or 6 APs and 2 honors classes. 1 ap and 2 honors junior year and i think about 4 or 5 APs senior year. is this okay?</p>

<p>About course load: Its okay as long as it’s considered rigorous for your school! If that’s the most that your school allows then that’s good :)</p>

<p>bump more chances?</p>

<p>Wow it seems like you have really good chances for UCD and UCLA for sure. For UCB, I would just say maybe a higher SAT would put you up there amongst the other applicants. I’m wondering what you plan to major in? </p>

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<p>bump bump 10char</p>

<p>I chanced you back!! I hope to major in bio!</p>

<p>I would say being so good at tennis, get the number/email of the tennis coaches at these schools and see if you can hit with their players and get to know them. Their say can make a huge impact on your app, even more than your grades/SAT</p>

<p>chance back: <a href=“http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/1367233-chance-top-20-schools.html[/url]”>http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/1367233-chance-top-20-schools.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;