hey look wut i got

<p>my first private message! i was so excited..</p>

<p>from roger_dooley</p>

<p>Hi, welcome to College Confidential. When posting, please use normal punctuation and avoid "text message" type abbreviations. We try to maintain excellent readability in our forum, particularly for members who may not have English as their first language.</p>


<p>so yea guyz..watch out 4 da way u type on dis thang cuz 4eigners mite not underst&</p>

<p>lol that's great</p>

<p>LOL!!! thats weird though...it mustve not been THAT egregious...cuz i didnt notice...or perhaps I just lack close reading skillz...heh, freakish would say its b/c of my non perfect verbal score.</p>

<p>oh my god. what is with you and mentioning your non-verbal score in respect to me. You are the one who always brings it up- I have never once brought it up. ( and I noticed....I noticed)</p>

<p>You guys suck.</p>

<p>*Delfire prepares to to Nelson Muntz Form The Simpsons..</p>


<p>sorry guys can't help it @ franklinbrown's comment =)</p>