Hey Nass Moms! Session 1.

<p>Hi Nass Moms (and Dads). For those that have kids at NASS Session 1 this week. List their company and first name and any other thoughts! THANKS!
My daughter is LOLA.. and will find out her Company when she calls 2 night. CHEERS!</p>

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
CHARLIE Company</p>

<p>Waiting to hear from our son, Adam in Session I. No news is good news, I think.</p>

<p>Session I</p>

<p>Left a message for our son; still hasn't checked his voicemail, yet. Either too busy or too tired. Either way, too cool! </p>

<p>Mom2Lola2011- thanks for starting this thread. I need to find out how to do this!</p>

<p>I can't believe it was a year ago that I was there... it's unreal to be getting ready for I-Day now. Congrats to your kids. They have a long year ahead of them.</p>

<p>I can't believe I-day is right around the corner for us too. It was a year ago my son was attending NASS session 1. It seems like yesterday! Good luck to everyone and it will be a year you will never forget!!!</p>

<p>Have fun and enjoy the ride!</p>

<p>as do you, dbh.</p>

<p>My son is James, session 1 , Delta Company, suburban Philadelphia</p>

<p>families with NASS'ers.....My child last year never called the entire time. Her decision....she truly wanted to be immersed in the experience and to call us during the time, while it would have been what I wanted...would have dimished the experience from her point of view. So each family, each child has their own responses to this week. If you don't hear from your child - don't worry - the mids running this program are teriffic and at the end of the week you can get the full report.</p>

<p>peskemom: I did the same thing as your daughter. I think calls would have been a pain to do. I made up for it when I came home, though. They still haven't been able to shut me up about some cool things we did at NASS. Your daughter sounds kickass awesome. Maybe I'll see her this summer!</p>

<p>also dont be too anxious because cell phones (at least mine) seemed to only work outside and the amount of free time we had was very limited to say the least</p>

<p>Don't expect a telephone call. It's JUST a week; really just four days [maybe 5?]. Son never called during SS.<br>
Not trying to sound condescending [mostly because we wanted to hear from Son too when he was there] but they really are fine!</p>

as do you, dbh.


<p>LOL! :D</p>

<p>Lickin' yer chops already, eh, Wheelah? ;)</p>

<p>My daughter hasn't phoned. She texted me to tell me all is well. Don't know what company she's in. I'll ask. Name is Megan- from Long Island. A dad.</p>


<p>Yesterday/Sunday... PEP and CFA and rest from CFA. They went to Church and the GODLIKE YOUTH CHOIR Sang. They are eating in Dahlgren Hall as King Hall is closed for Renovation. Those who did well on CFA do not have to do it again. They also had Career Briefs and Honor Code Brief. Last night CHARLIE Co. vs BRAVO Co. had an ULTIMATE Frisbee Contest. Charlie Won. She said DELTA Company is the most squared away if anyone is interested. </p>

<p>Today... 4:50 am PRT and Classes. She said Martial Arts Class was AWESOME. They have been practicing Rates for Mock Indoc Night Wed Night. They had a Picnic for dinner across the Severn at Hospital Point.</p>

<p>Tomorrow/Tues.. PEP, Classes, Trip to DC in the evening</p>

<p>Wed .. Mock Indoc Night and Social. </p>

<p>Other things she said.. They do get quite a bit of free time, and she cracked me up with this....They cannot wear flipflops on the Yard. The Cadre? are third class and are very nice. Also, I think she said, Alpha is first floor, Bravo 2nd, Charlie third, Delta 4th.</p>

<p>FYI.. for Vegetarian. the food is good and plentiful and plenty for vegetarians to eat and they always have bagels and yoguart.</p>

<p>She also said if you can PM me name she will find them and say HEY! But she said she has to have the last name to do that.</p>


<p>P.S. I DONT THINK SHE WANTS TO COME HOME.. and she was talking in that NAVY LINGO already!!!</p>

<p>Okay. Still haven't heard from son, however, have won a major victory over computer technology. In reality, I learned a new skill (I think). I uploaded some of the pictures that my husband took w/the digital, but I don't have mine developed off of the regular camera. Let me know if you guys can view this.</p>

<p>Just remember, he was up at 0430 that a.m. and his mother was shoving a camera in his face, hence the almost disgruntled look.</p>


<p><a href="http://photos.yahoo.com/mdt1789@sbcglobal.net%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://photos.yahoo.com/mdt1789@sbcglobal.net&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I tried the link; it works</p>

<p>Thanks For Sharing The Pics Nurseypoo!</p>

<p>Just ignore the big rump in the photo. You know the camera adds 10 pounds. I must have had four cameras on me! :D</p>